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Where to find the Right Freelancer for your Startup

Starting up a business is a very tough and time consuming job and has no guarantee that it will work or not. It takes good 2-3 years for a new business to get flowing since there are many aspects that needs to be taken care of and requires a lot of attention. However in today’s society where we are trying to lessen our work there are many ways to lessen a pressure of a startup. Nowadays you can hire freelancers to do work for you over internet, making your lives easier. The following are the freelance job websites that are popular and will help you find right freelancer for your startup.


Flitlance is an online platform to find freelancers and hire freelancers. There are many categories of freelancers available on Flitlance for you to choose from according to your project needs and requirements. It is a very user-friendly website; easy to use and find freelancers for your startup. There are many freelancers available on flitlance from different parts of the world, making it easier for you to choose from. Every freelancer has their skills and price given on the website too.


Freelancer is one of the freelance job sites and it also is a platform to help you find freelancers for your startup. Once you post your project, it lets freelancer to bid on the project, letting you choose from variety of freelancers according to your needs and requirements. You can also see previous work of the freelancers and hire freelancers on basis of their work experience. Freelancer allows secure payment system and you only have to pay when the work is done.


Upwork is one of the best freelance websites online, it has freelancers from USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. You can either search for freelancers by skills or by country. After you post a job on Upwork, you can find freelancers according to yourself and hire freelancers that you find suitable. On the other hand, Upwork also sends you a list of suitable candidates for you to choose from, making it very convenient for you to hire freelancers. It is a very popular website among freelancers and is widely used by employers and freelancers, it is one of the top class genuine freelance job site.


Fiverr is also an online freelance website that allows you to find freelancers via set categories that make the process of finding freelancers easier for you. Fiverr is quite easy to use and is very convenient for you to find freelancers and hire freelancers. You only have to search for the services that your require for your project and choose the perfect match for your project and get started. You can find freelancers easily on Fiverr as there are many active freelancers looking for freelancing jobs.

People per hour

People per hour have slightly a different concept than others though the main idea is still a freelancing website. People per hour allows you to get started in 3 different ways in order to hire freelancers; first is by browsing hourlies which means services can start instantly under fixed price. Second is by posting job advertisement on the website and letting people find you through the ad. And lastly, you search for freelancers yourself directly according to your job requirements.


Guru is one of the global freelance job sites, it has millions of active freelancers for you to find freelancers as well as hire freelancers for your startup. As employers you can find freelancers via skills categories or you can even find freelancers that are more experienced and gurus in their services and they aren’t necessarily individual, they are companies freelancing services. This concept is quite different as well since other websites cater only to individual freelancers and not companies that would like to freelance too. This variation of hiring freelancers or a guru will help you find the right freelancer for your startup.


Worknhire is an Indian platform connecting employers and freelancers in India. As employers it allows you to find freelancers through category and service you are looking for. You can also hire companies to freelance for your startup. Moreover the website allows you to review the freelancer as their portfolio is shows, their ratings and also the amount of jobs they have received so far. This wide range of categories allows you to find freelancers properly and shows authenticity.

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