What to Look for While Hiring Freelance Blockchain Developer?

Blockchain development is no longer merely a passion project. It has emerged from a passionate topic to becoming a full-time, well-paid job for many. As company behemoths have begun their quest for investing in the blockchain, the demand for freelance blockchain developer has increased to a great extent.

Choosing a blockchain developer is not an easy task. There are a number of things that you have to look into when you wish to hire blockchain developer. Qualified and experienced blockchain developers are always stuffed with work and you are less likely to find them in most open job forum. You have to do a good amount of research to find the right developer for your work.

Types of Blockchain Developers
There two types of blockchain developers that you can find. They are:

* Core blockchain developers, who are responsible for the development of the architecture of blockchain systems.
* Blockchain software developers are responsible for building various decentralized applications that run on blockchain technologies, using the protocols and architectures designed by core blockchain developers.

Roles of the blockchain developers
Whether its core blockchain developers or software developers, everyone has their own unique roles. They are divided by as followed:

Roles of a core blockchain developer:
* To design blockchain protocols.
* To design the security patterns and consensus protocol of the blockchain.
* To design the network architecture.
* To supervise the entire network.

Roles of a software blockchain developer:
* To develop smart contracts.
* To develop the front-end designs for Dapps.
* To do blackened development related to the blockchain.
* To supervise the entire stacks where the Dapps are running.

Skills Required in A Blockchain Developer
A blockchain developer is responsible for design, implementation, and support a wide range of distributed blockchain network. The primary responsibility of a developer is to analyze various requirements and design the blockchain technology around a certain type of blockchain model. Here are a few blockchain development skills that you must look for while hiring one for your company:

* The developer must have a strong software development background.
* He/she must have adequate experience in working with a large codebase.
* The developer must be proficient in any of the following code languages – C++, JavaScript, Java.
* The developer must acquire a strong knowledge of data structures and common algorithms.
* The developer must be familiar with basic cryptography and P2P network.
* The developer must be a good writer so that he can efficiently put up information on a document.

Hiring the right blockchain developer is a tough choice to make. You have to put on much of your thoughts to find someone who can meet with your requirements. If you are looking for an experienced blockchain developer, try looking at flitlance.com. Flitlance is an online freelance platform to hire talented individuals for your work across the globe.

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