Top freelance job sites in 2017

Top Freelance Job Sites in 2017

Freelancing has grown rapidly over the recent years and there are now many freelance job sites to search for freelancing jobs online. Freelance websites have made freelancing easier since you can find the freelancing jobs online without having to look at other sources. You can find everything at one place and that too from anywhere.


Flitlance is a freelance website that helps freelancers find jobs as well as allows clients to post job ads. It is a global website for freelancing. There are many categories to choose freelance jobs from and there are categories available for clients to choose freelancers from. Having set categories to choose from simplifies and consumes less time. Moreover it shows freelancers detailed profile which contains work history, portfolio, employment history and others.


Freelancer is also a worldwide freelance website that allows clients to browse freelancers from different categories. There are thousands of users registered on the website; however there are only half the amounts of jobs posted. Freelancer allows clients to review profiles and allows freelancers to bid on projects, letting client make the decision. There are some fees on the fixed price projects.


Upwork is a very popular global freelance job site and is one of the best freelance job sites. It allows you to find and work on projects that are ideal for you and there is a wide variety of freelance jobs available to choose from and the pay is not low. It shows profiles of freelancers along with their previous work and experience. It is a popular freelance website for both freelancer as well as the clients.


Worknhire is an India freelance job website and allows you to look for freelancers in different cities in India as well as by specialization. As it is an Indian freelance website, it focuses more on Indian market rather than the universal market. It is easier for the people living in India. As for the freelancers, it offers wide range of project categories to choose from. This really helps ease the process of finding a suitable freelancer as well as suitable project for the freelancer.


Fiverr is an international freelance website that again offers different categories for clients to choose freelancers from and then has sub-categories, making it so much easier for the clients. It works like any other freelance website, you browse the services offered by the freelancers, you choose the suitable freelancer according to your requirements and then you hire the freelancer to get your work done.

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