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Top 5 Freelance Job Sites to Start your Freelance Writing Career

There are many online freelance job website to help you get started with your career. Their main agenda is to offer range of freelancers from around the world to get hired for different types of work such as content writing. The website helps both the parties; the freelancer and the employers looking for hiring freelancers. Through this platform it benefits both the parties as it’s convenient and flexible for everyone. The demand for freelance content writing and blogging is growing rapidly and the following websites are the few popular freelance job websites to hire content writers and others too.


Flitlance is a universal website for freelancer and employer from around the world; it connects the employer and freelancers and allows them to work together. It offers many category of freelancing for the freelancers to work on and for the employers to choose from making it very useful and quick. Flitlance offers services for the employers such as browsing freelancers, where there are profiles of numerous freelancers giving an overview of the freelancer. It also offers service for the employers to browse services; where there are many categories stated for the hiring employer and freelancers profiles will be shown according to the category selected. It offers browse jobs for the freelancers as well as it is a freelance job website.


Freelancer too is a global website connecting freelancers and employers from different parts of the world. It too offers services like hire a freelancer under which employer post local jobs, contest and project for the job advertisement for the freelancers. For the freelancers, they can hunt freelancing jobs under the work category where they can choose via browsing projects, contest or category. The unique service it offers is that it requires the employer to post a project and freelancers can bid for the project and the employer hires the most suitable. And there are many profiles of freelancers on the websites with their projects for the employers to see.


Upwork is a freelance job site for mostly freelancers in America, UK, Canada, and Australia. It is like other freelancing websites, for employers it requires them to post jobs, have their requirements and then Upwork sends the employer list of suitable candidates for the employers to choose from, showing their profiles and evaluation of the work and connecting the 2 parties via chat. For the freelancers, they have variety of projects to choose from and to work on and a lot of options available for freelancing jobs online. They also have many sub categories under writing for the freelancers to work on and the employers to hire.


LinkedIn is a very popular website in the corporate world and is similar to facebook but is corporate and work related. It is a global business website connecting people from around the world and allows members to post business related things to their connections. Since many companies around the world are member of LinkedIn, they post a lot of job advertisements on LinkedIn itself rather than on job websites as it’s very convenient as being a business platform and targeting business workforce. It connects you to different companies and their employees plus helps you build your business connections stronger and international.


Craigslist is slightly different than the above freelancing sites in many ways; it not only has job advertisements but also housing, for sale, community, personals and many more. It offers many job categories to choose from and shows jobs available in your local city and other cities too. There are many types of writing jobs advertisements posted, including content writing jobs which are in high demand in the market currently. It is an international platform for job search as it has advertisements from many parts of the world making it super-efficient and effective.

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