Cloud Security Tips

Top 5 Cloud Security Tips You Need To Know

While cloud computing is a great tool for any personal use or business infrastructure, there are potential risks if you can’t follow some guidelines in a proper way. Along with the implementation, it is also important to know how to keep your data secured and safe from any intruders. Here are some cloud security tips which will help you in keeping your data safe.

Location of the Server
If you are keeping sensitive information in the cloud servers, then you must know their location to prevent any future headache that may come along. For example,

* The provider may go out of business.
* There can be a breach into the server.
* There could be technical issues with the service provider etc.

But whatever the issue is, Knowing the location of the data center and the server will help you in getting your data back even if the provider goes out of business. When you will know where your data is actually getting stored, it also gives brings a feeling of peace to your mind because keeping data in unknown territory is always risky.

Backing up is Important
Backing up is a crucial factor in any aspect. Whether it is the data in your personal computer or mobile or more importantly, the data that you are keeping in the cloud servers, it is always important to keep a backup. You may never know –

* The server may crash and your files may become inaccessible.
* The files may get corrupt at any instant (though the providers i.e. the cloud security developer will take utmost precaution against it, but you can’t be 100% sure).
* There could be breaching into the server.

In these cases, backing up will always save you a great deal. Even if you have lost your data, you won’t need to worry as you can get those data back just by restoring that back up into the server. That’s the most convenient part of having a backup.

Ask Others About Their Service and Reputation
Before going to any cloud service providers, you should ask your colleagues or your friends or even search on the internet for reviews to check how is their reputation in the community. If there are any issues with that particular provider, more or less chance is, you will get some information about it.

Without a strong password, no other security can save you

Your passwords should be unique and mixed with numbers, letters, symbols so that they are harder to crack. Using an easy to guess the password, you are just opening the gate to the intruder who can just brute force attack and breach the security.

Testing the Security via a Professional
The only way you can be sure that the security of the provider is satisfactory is through testing. You can hire various ethical hackers who could show you the potential ways by which the security can be breached.

If you want to hire someone, then you can contact at  Flitlance in order to hire a cloud security freelancer who can analyze your setup and could show you if there are any loopholes in the security.

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