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Top 20 Blockchain Related Skills And What They Can Mean For Your Business

Blockchain is one of those technologies that have entered the business sphere and have taken it up by a storm. People have been trying to find ways through which they can merge blockchain with the various other fields like healthcare and many other fields. It is not that easy to achieve that task and we are probably not going to achieve that anytime soon either as everybody is not just there yet. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot get a head start and try to find a space for us and our business in the whole blockchain technology.

What Is Blockchain?
Blockchain was earlier known as the block chain. This technology is basically an ever-growing list of records which are called blocks. These blocks are called secured and linked with the help of cryptography. Every single of those blocks contains a cryptographic hash of the block that was present before that block. Each block further contains the transaction data and a timestamp. The whole blockchain is resistant to the modification of the data. That resistant to the modification is present by design. Blockchain is managed by a peer-to-peer network and is far more comprehensive than any blog or article can explain or talk about.

How Your Business Can Leverage Blockchain?
The biggest advantage of this technology is that it can be used by any business in any imaginable way. Blockchain is very unique and can easily help businesses become bigger and more efficient in a less amount of time. There are many ways through which you can leverage blockchain for your business but we’ll only be talking about the three major ways here. Those ways are mentioned below.

1. The Background Check Elimination
Human Resource industry is quite a huge industry and spends a lot of time just looking at the backgrounds of all their prospective recruits. Blockchain can make this process much faster by simply identifying the various important things like the start and end date of an employment, job responsibilities, titles, and various other important things. This can save many hours in the human resource industry and can also help save a lot of resources.

2. Legal Agreements
Blockchain can introduce a smart contract function which will enable people and legal firms to save a lot of their time and resource that they spend on creating legal agreements.

3. Supply Chain Verification
can work wonders for the supply chain industry by simply verifying and storing all the details related to the vendor, supplier, the receiver, the amount of product supplied and received, and various other information related to this. Blockchain can ensure that there is no child labor practices and can also help in identifying the counterfeits products or parts. Blockchain can, in short, save a lot of time and resources for the people who are involved in this industry.

It is important for you to remember that the uses of blockchain are limitless and you can use your creativity to think of any new and novel ways through which you can use blockchain to help your business grow.

20 Most In-Demand Blockchain Related Skills

This is the last part of our article and here we’ll be looking at the top 20 blockchain related skills that are in great demand in the market currently. Those top 20 blockchain related skills are mentioned below.

1. Ethereum
Ethereum is a blockchain-based public platform which is open-sourced. This distributed computing platform has an operating system which has a smart contract functionality feature. If you know how to comfortably use this platform then the chances are that you are quite good to go in the blockchain related skill department.

2. Bitcoin
This is the world’s first cryptocurrency whose price has shot up recently. It allows one to send electronic cash from peer-to-peer without the need of a financial intermediary. If you are familiar with this platform then that is another huge plus for you.

3. JavaScript
JavaScript is also known as JS is an interpreted programming language. This is a high level interpreted programming language. This language is weakly typed, multi-paradigm, prototype-based, and dynamic. It is one of the necessities to be familiar with this language if you want to make an entry in the whole blockchain industry.

4. Cryptography
It can be simply explained as a study or practice of techniques. It helps to carry out secure communication in the presence of another party which is often called as the adversaries. Being familiar with this platform will certainly give you an edge over the others.

5. Node.js
This is a cross-platform which is also open source. It helps in executing JavaScript code server-side. Being familiar with this platform can also give you a head start in the blockchain department.

6. Cryptocurrency
This is a digital asset that can be transferred to make payments and are used to carry out secure financial transactions. Staying up to date and even frequently using this platform can be quite beneficial for you.

7. Content Writing
Blockchain is currently on the rise and if you have the necessary skill to be content writer then that will enable you to get more familiar with all the various aspects related to the whole blockchain industry.

8. Python
This is also a high level programming language which is often used for general purpose programming. Knowing and being familiar with this language can help you a lot.

9. C++
This is another general purpose programming language. It is object-oriented and has generic programming features. If you are familiar with this language and platform then it can help you in easily understanding the other skills mentioned in this list.

10. White-Paper Writing
White paper write-ups are a great source of generating credibility and customers have been found to be more responsive to them. It is another skill that can come handy to you.

11. Technical Writing
This is another skill that can be of quite a value to you. Since, blockchain includes a lot of technical information then this skill can be quite useful in that department.

12. Angular JS
This is a JavaScript-based web application which is open-sourced and front-end. Being familiar with this platform can come quite handy to you in various places.

13. Java
This is a computer programming language which is general. This language is object-oriented, concurrent, class-based, and designed to have few implementation dependencies. Being familiar with this language can push your career in the right direction.

14. Solidity
This is a programming language which is contract-oriented and specifically designed to write smart contracts. Being familiar with this platform can give you a great start on your journey to blockchain.

15. API Development
This is a set of protocols, tools, and subordinate definitions for building application software. Being familiar with this platform can provide you with the necessary skills to acquire other skills mentioned in this list.

16. ReactJS
This is a javascript library which is used for building user interfaces. Being familiar with this platform can come in very handy for you later.

17. Virtual Currency
This is a form of unregulated digital money which can only be controlled by its developers. Being familiar with virtual currency can keep you up to date with what is going on in the whole blockchain department.

18. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets
This is a style sheet language which is used for describing the presentation of the various documents that are written in a markup language like HTML. Being familiar with this platform can turn out to be one of the most important skills you might ever possess.

19. Smart Contract
Smart contracts can simply be understood as a kind of a computer protocol. That computer protocol can enforce, verify, or facilitate digitally the performance or negotiation of a legal contract. This is one of the up and coming platforms and can be a great skill to acquire.

20. Android App Development
This is a process through which new application can be created for devices that operate on an android system. This skill can be very useful to you as almost everybody now days possess an android smartphone.

This completes our list of the top 20 blockchain related skills.

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