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Tips for Hiring a Freelance Writer

Writing is not an easy task having to just deal with words which could be boring. However a professional freelancer writer knows how to make the boring content into an eye-catching and interesting for the readers, making them interested in your brand and wanting more. There are many types of freelance writer jobs available such as freelance content writer, freelance creative writer, freelance article writer and many more. Therefore searching for the right writer for your business can be a tough job but there are few fundamentals to keep in mind while hiring a top quality freelance writer.

The following tips will help you in hiring a freelance writer for your business whether for blogging, content writing or copywriting.

Know your requirements

When you are looking to hire a freelance writer the most significant thing is to know what you are searching for in a writer and setting the expectations for the writers. This gives the writers a better and clear understanding of the task and what is expected out from the task. As a result they can then best strategize and plan their writing according to the topic, content and business to meet the expectations and the deadline.

There are things to consider before hiring a freelance writer including scope, pricing, and deadline. The scope aspect signifies the possibility of the writing for which you are hiring a freelancer keeping the important factors such as word count, keywords, structure and visuals in account. The pricing aspect signifies the amount you are willing to pay for hiring a freelance writer. Lastly the deadline aspect signifies the due dates for the task, giving enough time to the writer.

Having proper job description and requirements stated is quite beneficial as only the suitable candidates will be considered.

Look at the previous work

Before hiring a freelance writer, do check their previous work to get to know their writing style. Previous work also indicates the amount of experience they have had and the quality of their work, which could help you determine the suitability as per the employer’s requirement. Moreover, their previous work could help you see their capability and potential and assist you making best decision as experience can be base of hiring process.

Ask correct questions

In order to fully understand the writer, you need to ask the correct questions to unleash their potential. Asking questions regarding experience, pricing, and background info of your company are the basics to begin with. Also to get an actual taste of their work, you could even ask them to write a sample, this way you could fully decide on the best to hire on basis of their potential.

Communicate often

If you are planning to work with your freelance writer on more than just 1 project, do remember to communicate often to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the work.
Emailing is the most suitable and preferred way to communicate as its convenient rather than daily phone calls or messages which can be quite interruptive. However your understanding with your freelancer is different and use whichever means of communication works for you.

Always appreciate

Your writer puts a lot of time and efforts in writing a good content for you and showing appreciation to them is professional. Also making sure to pay them timely is a good way of showing appreciation.

Other ways of showing appreciation may include giving positive feedback for their continuous hard work and encouragement to continuing doing better. These small gestures motivate the freelance writer to work harder and build a healthy relationship between the freelancer and the employer.

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