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How to Hire a Right SEO Expert

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert has a significant role in the marketing industry as it aids companies to build their brand and business through web traffic. Optimizing through crucial keywords increases the company’s website ranking, thus pushing the website result higher than others. However, SEO can be quite a tough and time consuming job, therefore the following tips with help you to hire top SEO Expert for your company.

Years of SEO Experience

First things first, a top SEO expert will most likely have good amount of experience in terms of work as well as time. Since freelance SEO jobs are quite in demand, there are many people out there applying for the job as a fresher. However hiring a fresher may not give your company the result that you may be seeking. Therefore before you hire SEO expert, do look into their experience as it shows their dedication and investment in the field.

Analyze SEO’s Previous Work

Another key factor before hiring a SEO expert is analyzing the previous work as it gives you fair idea of their work in the past and whether or not they would be suitable for the SEO job you require. Having knowledge about SEO’s previous work allows you see your options and make a wise decision about hiring a SEO Expert.


The skills needed as a freelance SEO expert or SEO experts in general are link development, keyword strategy, html, content writing. These are some basic skills needed when seeking to hire SEO expert and do keep in mind that these basic skills are the key to SEO as it functions around these particular skills. There are other skills too; however skills may differ from company to company or even project to project. Keyword strategy skill would be very important as SEO is based on that and functions with keywords.

Understanding the SEO Strategy

Many people are still unaware of SEO or have a vague idea of it and in today’s world knowing such things are just the basic. Therefore, before hiring a freelance SEO expert you should make sure that the freelancer understands the fundamentals of SEO so they could then work on a deeper level. Having a clear understanding of SEO strategy is essential as only then freelancer can work towards making the company successful.

SEO revolves around keywords which help obtain web traffic, as a result boosting the page rank. As a freelancer, you should know why to drive traffic to your website and what it does for the company. Having a set of keywords help determine the consumers that are searching for the product you may be selling and are interested in purchasing and driving them to the website to increase your SEO.

Strong Communication Skills

Having a strong communication and language skills is vital since the SEO expert needs to understand what would drive customers to visit you page, the content needs to be engaging something customers and relate to. Because if you are not able to communicate your content across properly to your audience and show them that what you are providing to them is beneficial then only they will be willing. As a SEO freelancer, you should be having strong communication skills and language skills in order to be able connect with target audience and further are able to drive more traffic to your website.

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