Freelance Android Developer

Hire Android Developer: Company or Freelancers

Android development is a course that one needs to specialize in so as to become an android developer. Android developers create new applications for the Android operating system through the Java programming language. Android application development can also be done through other development environments available.

Android developers work on android application projects by using their skill and expertise. They have evolved considerably over a period of time. Earlier android technology itself was on its initial phase but as it started becoming popular, more and more individuals started learning it.

Most of the IT companies have a tech team which comprises of both an Android software developer and an Apple software developer. But many other firms who want to get such work done face difficulty in deciding where to hire such developers from?

So let’s have a look at some key points of both, hiring a freelance mobile developer or hiring through a certified company. These will help us to distinguish between them in a suitable manner.

The first and foremost concern of every company is to get the work done in the most efficient and effective manner. Considering freelancing, getting the work done through a freelancer is time-bound and cost-efficient. Freelancers have a timely contract which is based on a short term basis. This ensures timely completion of work but may not guarantee the quality of work.

On the other hand if we hire an android programmer through an Android development company, then it tends to be the most reliable option. Why?
It is because both the companies then enter into a formal agreement. It becomes very important to abide by the terms and conditions of the contract and ensure timely completion of work. Though, hiring through such companies is not a very cost efficient method but we look at it from the quality point of view, then we only yield satisfaction.

Secondly, hiring through such companies is a very efficient option in terms of expertise and skill. All their professionals are much more updated about the recent developments in software and technology and so they deliver the best to the project. They do not let you question their services and agreed upon terms and conditions.

Thirdly, hiring freelancers involve both convenience and monitoring together. Though freelancers deliver the best of their potential to the organization, but sometimes there are chances of untimely completion of work. Thus, this aspect of freelancers refrains many traditional companies from hiring them.

Fourthly, experienced and qualified freelancers are scarcely available. Many social media pages and platforms promote such kind of freelancers but their legitimacy is questionable. Firms do not prefer to reveal confidential information until and unless they evolve that trust in an individual. Thus, considering this aspect many firms prefer hiring freelance android developers through certified companies or certified freelancing websites.

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