Finding Freelance Work Online, the Flick-y Way

“Doing Whatcha love to love whatcha doing” apart from being a palindrome, this sentence is actually the essence of our lives. And the freedom of Freelancing surely helps you attain it. Just find your genre and start writing your own narrative of success. But in the world of click and find how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? How do you find, the work meant for you without ending up filling proposals for every little job you find online? Well, let’s just say, “There’s no business, like show business” or in our case, “There’s no search like the show search” Movies teach us a lot, so why not learn a trick or two about finding the job online. So, come let’s make our own Flick of Freelancing Triumph.

Choose the Genre

Of course, every flick needs a genre, yours no different. Choosing your area of expertise precisely, will clear your domain and help you finding freelance projects more easily. Don’t worry there’s a whole Hollywood of work out there. Just open any of the good freelance work websites and look for the Job Categories. There you’ll find your genre to work on.

The Portfolio

Director, Actor or Freelance everybody needs a good portfolio. All good freelance work websites asks for your Bio and other work related details. Brag on about what you’re good at. Tell them what editing tools you’ve worked on, how many articles you can type down in a day and much more. Remember, just like movies or any business for that matter, sizzle sells not the steak.

Read them the Script

Just like a writer needs to communicate the story well to convince the actor, your job is no different. Once you narrow down to the jobs that you think you can do well, just communicate well with the job owner. Send them a good proposal. Contact them on mail or phone if possible. In this freelance jobs marketplace you’ll have to shout the loudest to pull the customer in. And if shouting doesn’t work well, just pitch in our next magic idea and get things done.

Release the Trailer Train

You’ve already shown him the motion poster in your proposal. Now you need to release the trailer or rather the teaser-trailer train. Just give him the sample of your work. Finding freelance projects is easy but you need to be careful with sending samples. It must be precise and must represent your work. Whether it is a piece of code or a sample design, it is better to keep samples of different niches handy so that you don’t run out of options for the client.

Finding freelance work online is easy yet tricky. You need to be all out there really searching for the best work in order to pull in the clients. Sometimes you might not find the work you want but its suits your niche. Take it anyway, coz good work brings trust and trust brings better work. Just keep up the work and you’ll have your success movie released soon. For more queries on finding freelance projects, feel free to follow us. And don’t forget to share this with your freelancer friends.

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