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What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology on which cryptocurrencies work. A “block” is a record which keeps getting appended when more blocks are added to it. These blocks are completely transparent and visible to the public, which means that while your information is secure, everyone in the whole network can see the transaction(s) happening. This transparency of Blockchain technology is the reason more and more people invest in cryptocurrencies every single day. Along with being transparent, this makes the whole transaction process decentralized as well, which means that there is no central authority or governing body that oversees cryptocurrencies and/or their rates. In essence, blockchain can be compared to a digital ledger which keeps track of all transactions and provides a safe avenue to carry out the same. Blockchain can be used in a variety of fields such as automobiles, finance, and healthcare among others as it provides safety and transparency for the sharing of documents and other sensitive information. For blockchain development, one needs to be well-versed in C, C++, Java, MVC, cryptography, and data structures such as linked lists, queues, arrays, etc. The actual coding is done in JavaScript and platforms such as HashGraph are used.

What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital payment which started out in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, which originally started out as a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system”. Satoshi saw the various centralized attempts made towards creating a cashless transaction system and how they failed, and looked to create a decentralized system, which would not be governed by any authority or body. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized, there is no one server on which everything is stored. Instead, each and every system on the whole network participates in the process of encryption and carrying out each transaction. Whenever an entity solves mathematical problems/cryptographic puzzles, they get rewarded with cryptocurrency. This mechanism is called mining. Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, meaning once a transaction is done, it cannot be undone. Transactions are also done using aliases. No one uses their real identity while doing transactions with cryptocurrency.

Future of crypto market

While cryptocurrency has a lot of benefits and advantages over fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies have also been subject to a lot of scrutiny over some of the very factors it is otherwise praised for. For instance, cryptocurrency transactions are made using pseudonyms, and no one uses their real name or identity while making transactions. While the security aspect is admirable, it opens the door to illegal activities possibly taking place with the cryptocurrency, if not monitored. Many websites on the dark web use cryptocurrency as a form of payment for illegal weapons, drugs and other items through cryptocurrency exchanges. In such situations, due to the encryption of cryptocurrencies, law enforcement agencies are not able to trace the source and destination of these transactions. Bitcoin, being the flagship cryptocurrency, has faced a lot of the aforementioned scrutiny. Now, however, many alternatives to Bitcoin have presented themselves over the years. Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ripple, TRON, Dogecoin and Ethereum have emerged as frontrunners in the cryptocurrency market. In order to be more widely accepted by governments and law enforcement agencies, cryptocurrencies would need to be easy to understand for the masses, and protect users’ identities while not giving them a safe haven to perform activities like money laundering. While some of these are against the core fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, a middle ground can surely be found.

About Flit Webs

Flit Webs is your one-stop place for everything related to website development, mobile application development, digital marketing and security solutions. Flit Webs is based in Jaipur and has experience of more than 4 years in the field of web development. Some of the many facilities provided by Flit Web’s are domain registration, bulk domain registration, Search Engine Optimization, Android application development, iOS application development, Windows hosting, cloud hosting, and Google Suite among others. Flit Webs proudly claims to have 99% server uptime, guaranteeing you access to your website at all times. Along with many free services that come with domains, Flit Webs provides 24×7 assistance, including live chat support, to anyone who may need it. Some of Flit Webs’ previous clients include Place, Mojika Group, Edensfood, Hikewe, etc. Apart from this, Flit Webs also offer many combo services. These combos are created after careful consideration and listening to the needs of the stakeholders. For instance, one combo provides you a domain along with hosting. A similar combo provides a domain, hosting and a SSL certificate for the website.

Crypto projects done by Flit Webs- Flit Webs has been a pioneer in the cryptocurrency market and has implemented several projects. Here are four major projects:-


Flitpay is a Bitcoin exchange that allows you to do peer-to-peer exchanges with minimum transaction fee. Flitpay uses PAN card to verify its patrons, making it a fully legal and legitimate process. You can also recharge your DTH account or mobile using Flitpay

Namo BTC Wallet

Namo BTC Wallet is one of the easiest platforms made by the best cryptocurrency exchange company in India. You can send Bitcoin to your phone contacts and you can receive Bitcoin from your contacts as well. Namo BTC Wallet eliminates the need for any one Bitcoin address


Flitx is a Bitcoin exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin along with many other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash. With Flitx, you can make transactions with a minimum transaction fee and instant processing time.


Btcora is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides visual representation of data of price trends along with many new cryptocurrencies. Anyone can list a coin of their choice on Btcora, provided one can provide the name of the blockchain, name of the project and Reddit and Bitcointalk threads containing details of the project.

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